Sunday, April 13, 2014

Marina Signing In....

Hiya, folks. This is Marine signing in. I am super excited today because it is supposed to be 60 degrees outside. Hoorah! As you can see, I am dressed for the occasion with my short skirt and sunhat.


So as Cassia mentioned, I will also be making guest posts on this blog. Not too many, since Mom would like me to mainly visit historical sites, and she is usually to busy to actually get to historical sites. However, I am happy she is giving me some time as a modern girl. I am glad that Mom likes me so much as a historical gal. I heard her complaining about some possible changes to the historical line lately, and I have been trying to comfort her. Not to mention that it is great that I am not too far from my story home. Now to head outside and enjoy the wonderful spring weather!


Ah, the sun is out. The sky is a clear blue. The grass is.....wait, huh?


The grass....the white?


How can there still be snow on the ground? It is 60F for Pete's sake! Oh, for crying out loud....


And even the sun is now hiding behind the clouds. Great, wonderful. I gotta love spring here in Western NY. I guess it is not as bad as it could be in Sackets Harbor in 1812, but not global warming a thing? Grrr, I am going to complain to Cassia. I cannot believe it is already April and the snow has still not melted. How in the world has Cassia been so chipper all winter? I love the sun, and it has been such a long winter. Sigh.

Anyway, sorry about that folks. I was going to show you around the area, but no way am I walking in snow. Well, here's hoping the snow will be all gone soon. I think Mom wants to try to get up the Fort Niagara. Maybe she will take both of us along, if it is not too much trouble for her.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Meet Marina

Hello everyone. Today I am introducing Marina, who will make occasional contributions to this blog. In our other story, she is from Germany, and is a great pianist.


Wait, Cassia. May I see this hat for a moment?


Ok, that is better. I am a hat person, but left all my hats at home. Now I can blog.


Really, Marina? I didn't know you like hats.

Of course I do. They work great with my long curly hair.


Anyway, I am Marina, as Cassia previously mentioned. I was adopted by our "mom" in September 2012. It's been pretty cool to live further down the Great Lakes and live closer to Niagara Falls.


Mom hopes to take me to historically relevant places this year. We live near a lot, given the region's place in history, so it should be a lot of fun.



Oh, is this Ash? How are you, Ash?



Hey! Aww, I guess Ash does not like me?

No, I think he is being shy, maybe. Or he is mad that you are wearing my hat. Anyway, Marina will also be posting on the next entry to talk more about herself. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Meet Crystal!

As promised, today I am introducing Crystal, our new cat, to you.


Crystal is part Persian. We adopted her from the SPCA after we noticed Ash was being more clingy to us than usual when we got home from school. I think he was lonely, so I suggested to Mom that we get another cat to be his companion. She thought it was a fine idea.


Thank goodness Crystal will not be an outdoor cat - I can't even imagine how dirty her white fur would get! She is such a sweet cat. She was found wandering the streets by the person who brought her to the SPCA. They had taken care of her for a bit, but could not keep her permanently. Crystal is a bit of an older cat (6 years old), and she loves to be a lap kitty.

Oh, Ash!


You want to be here too? Oh, right...Ash wanted me to mention that even though Crystal is older, she still loves to chase Ash around, and the two of them have a lot of fun playtime together.


Ash is so happy to have a friend around.

Thanks for reading. Next entry I will introduce Marina, who will be a contributing author to this blog.

Friday, March 21, 2014

I am back!

So I apologize for not posting for a long time. My mom has been super busy with school, and since she always reviews my posts and gives me permission, I have not been able to post.

This winter has been super hard. We are by the Great Lakes, so we were hit super hard my snow. Many days, the snowfall was taller than me. So I stayed in most days to avoid getting lost in the snow.

To help celebrate my return to blogging, my mom bought me a new outfit.


I feel super grown up in this picture. I think it is the ruffles?


And a closeup of that hat


On another note, we adopted a new cat! Now Ash had a friend to play with when mom is at work and I am at school. We think he was lonely during those hours. We named her Crystal. I will introduce her in my next post.

Outfit: Dress and hat from Clarisse's Closet, boots from American Girl

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Creek Walking


Today I traveled out to East Aurora to do some creek walking by Cazenovia Creek. This creek runs through the towns of East Aurora, West Seneca and Cheektowaga.


It was a really quiet area, and all you could here was the running water of the creek. There was a lot of foliage around as well. Here I am posing with a flower I liked.


Walking also required a lot of balance on the rocks along the shore of the creek. I admit I fell a few times.


My favorite area was by the woods. Being in the sun, it was a bit hot, even though the temperature was only in the mid-70s. I like being in the shade provided by trees. They were so tall as well!


I even got brave enough and walked out into the shallow water to get to an area in the middle of the creek where there is a small rise formed by piled stones.

Have you ever tried something new that you were previously scared to try?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Exotic Animals


Hi everyone~! Last night I got the chance to see a real snake and hold him! Notice the "necklace" I have on?


This is Chuck. He is a Western Hognose. He is still not full grown yet, but when he does get to be an adult, he will be about 18 inches long. He was hungry last night, so it was really hard to catch a good picture of him, but we tried!


Western Hognoses are rather active snakes. They originate in the Great Plains of North America. They are called "hognoses" due to their upturned nose they assists them when burrowing during hunting or trying to get away from danger. This little guy is captive bred, meaning he was born and raised indoors. However, in some states, it is illegal to own a Hognose, especially if they are a native species in your area.


I think he is quite cute. While some Hognoses can hiss a lot, Chuck is really good. It is just like different personalities in cats and dogs. Some are better behaved than others.

What is your favorite exotic animal?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Introducing Ash


I think Ash was a bit miffed the last time since I did not give him a proper introduction. So today's entry will be dedicated to Ash!


As I mentioned in the last entry, Ash was adopted from the Erie County SPCA. While I know a lot of people like adopting kittens, older cats make great pets to. Sometimes they have been through a lot more, and as a result, are more appreciative of having a new loving family. Ash is no exception. We adopted him when he was five years old, and he immediately fell into a routine in our house. He has almost dog-like behaviors. He will follow me around the house, come running when I call his name and even sometimes fetch balls I throw. Plus I love he adorable patch of white.


Of course, since Ash is a kitty, he also likes to sleep a lot. We made this pillow for him, and he will lay his head down on it when he sleeps like a human does!


We also trained him to put his paws up on our legs when he wants us to pick him up or hold him. He really is a smart cat!


Ash is also very much a "lap kitty". He loves to join me on the couch or chair when I sit down to watch TV or read a book, and lay down on me or nearby me. He will also always sleep with me at night. This is especially great during the winter when it can get really cold out.


Have you or do you own a pet?