Thursday, August 15, 2013

Creek Walking


Today I traveled out to East Aurora to do some creek walking by Cazenovia Creek. This creek runs through the towns of East Aurora, West Seneca and Cheektowaga.


It was a really quiet area, and all you could here was the running water of the creek. There was a lot of foliage around as well. Here I am posing with a flower I liked.


Walking also required a lot of balance on the rocks along the shore of the creek. I admit I fell a few times.


My favorite area was by the woods. Being in the sun, it was a bit hot, even though the temperature was only in the mid-70s. I like being in the shade provided by trees. They were so tall as well!


I even got brave enough and walked out into the shallow water to get to an area in the middle of the creek where there is a small rise formed by piled stones.

Have you ever tried something new that you were previously scared to try?

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  1. I love your photography and fashions. Looking forward to Moore posts!