Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Exotic Animals


Hi everyone~! Last night I got the chance to see a real snake and hold him! Notice the "necklace" I have on?


This is Chuck. He is a Western Hognose. He is still not full grown yet, but when he does get to be an adult, he will be about 18 inches long. He was hungry last night, so it was really hard to catch a good picture of him, but we tried!


Western Hognoses are rather active snakes. They originate in the Great Plains of North America. They are called "hognoses" due to their upturned nose they assists them when burrowing during hunting or trying to get away from danger. This little guy is captive bred, meaning he was born and raised indoors. However, in some states, it is illegal to own a Hognose, especially if they are a native species in your area.


I think he is quite cute. While some Hognoses can hiss a lot, Chuck is really good. It is just like different personalities in cats and dogs. Some are better behaved than others.

What is your favorite exotic animal?

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  1. You are a very brave girl to hold that snake - eeewwwww! He IS pretty though...that I will admit. Glad he wasn't a "hisser", lol.